Mum renovating home finds ‘clever’ DIY tip from previous owner under old wallpaper

A woman renovating her home was caught by surprise after finding a hidden note.

The Australian mum was in the midst of peeling off the old wallpaper in her house when she uncovered a handy message from the previous owner.

Written in pen, was a DIY hack which was signed off by someone called “Jon” on December 21 1997 – and had only been uncovered 22 years later, reported

It read: “If you ever need to wallpaper this room again, it will take 8 rolls of wallpaper.

“I bought just six rolls at $17 per roll on [December 5 1997] and didn’t have enough. It really pissed me off.”

The eager DIY fan shared the snap to a mum’s group on Facebook – and since then has been inundated with comments from people praising the idea, with some calling it “clever” and “thoughtful.”

The DIY mum found the tip extremely helpful, as did many others after it racked up 8500 likes quickly after it was posted.

One mum even joked: “You can just feel the frustration.”

“But another person found a flaw in his advice after pointing out that wallpapers come in different widths and lengths.

Similarly a woman doing the food shop at her local supermarket spotted a note attached to a block of cheese.

It read: “To whoever is reading this, you are doing great!

“You deserve an amazing and happy day today!”

Rebecca shared the heartwarming message to social media, and although some called it sweet and loved the idea, others thought it was “cheesy.”