Tarik Cohen “really slacked” on physical fitness last year

While discussing the downturn of the Bears Offense in 2019, running back Tarik Cohen said last week that the unit was too predictable and made things hard on themselves as a result.

That would address the shortcomings of the offense as a whole, but it may not tell the entire story of Cohen’s own slide from the heights of 2018. Cohen was less productive as a runner and a receiver, which might have been at least partly due to his self-admitted lack of attention to his own physical fitness.

“I’ve been doing yoga now, stretching more often and just like the small training room — in-house things you do to keep your body durable,” Cohen said, via “And to keep the wear-and-tear of the season off of you longer. I really slacked on that. I always had older guys that would keep me on that, keep me in line.”

It’s a big year for several Bears players as they try to bounce back from a down year. With free agency looming in 2021, Cohen’s at the top of that list.